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Expanding the Trans Mountain Pipeline Project will benefit Canadians across the country. As citizens, we’ll benefit from the jobs and increased revenue it will bring. And as owners of the pipeline, we’ll profit from our investment. In fact, a recent analysis by TD Securities concluded that even if the project costs rose by 26% and took a year longer to complete, the project would still generate over a hundred million in distributable cash flow the following year!

The energy sector adds to a healthy economy for all Canadians
A strong oil and gas industry benefits individuals and families, businesses and communities across the country.

The Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion project will provide employment opportunities for Canadians and contribute to our country’s gross domestic product. When Canada sells its energy products, we profit through royalties and taxes. The Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion project will allow us to increase those revenues by exposing our oil resources to additional markets beyond the United States. Generated revenue can be used to pay for infrastructure such as roads and highways, transit, schools and hospitals in communities across the country.

The Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion funds green investments, shifts the transportation of oil away from more carbon intensive methods. The revenue generated from the project will provide our government the money to reinvest in renewable energy and technology to achieve our climate goals.

The project is a key element that will help Canada achieve the goals set out in:

  • Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan.
  • Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change.
  • Canada’s agreement to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions under the United Nations Paris Agreements.

One of the conditions for federal government approval of the Trans Mountain expansion project was Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan – the most comprehensive and ambitious climate change strategy in North America. Prime Minister Trudeau was clear when he said “We could not have approved this project without… Alberta’s climate leadership plan.”

Resource: Keep Canada Working

Update June 2020 
Trans Mountain Expansion Project Construction Accelerating