Retired LiUNA and Long Service Members

Our Job Isn't Done...

It is our retirees and long standing members who fought and endured to secure the working conditions we currently work in. It is through the solidarity that these workers demanded industry standard wages, benefits, holiday pay, overtime and the terms and conditions that now compose the terms to which our members work under.

Our retirees and long standing members have the most important role in our Union. Their role now is to be the VOICE for the history movement to ensure that workers today understand how things once were and how we must continue to work together to ensure that workers rights continue to be the number one priority.

So while our retired members and long standing members are no longer working in their respective field, their most important work is not over! Are you a retired member of LiUNA and looking to join your Local's Retiree Club?

Retiree Council International Representative
Western Canada Subregion