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Across Western Canada our signatory employers are industry leaders. Our Union is proud to work hand-in-hand with our contractors to ensure our members are provided safe and professional working conditions.

LiUNA Training Facilities, in conjunction with our signatory contractors implement the necessary courses and education needed to keep our members skilled up and able to perform their tasks efficiently, effectively and without injury.

Our roster of skilled workers provides our signatory employers the benefits of obtaining qualified employees without the turn-over and inefficiency that can be experienced in a non-Union work environment. This enhances the morale and productivity of the workforce, resulting in high-value construction which increases profitability.

Contractors partner with LiUNA because of the value LiUNA members provide. Here are just a few of the ways LiUNA makes your job easier by providing;

  • The highest skilled, trained and hardworking people in the industry with Province-wide training available across Western Canada.
  • Training that meets or exceeds regulatory standards. We offer more than 20 courses to our members at no charge.
  • A voice on issues of importance to the entire construction industry – including the importance of infrastructure and energy investments throughout Western Canada, ensuring work is awarded to Canadian contractors and that our local contractors are provided a fair opportunity in the bidding process.
  • Assistance making work safer, reducing accident rates, controlling workers’ compensation costs, and saving lives.
  • Ability to help our contractors meet labour demands in accordance to agreements or policy requirements.
  • Automated tracking of project and bid opportunities.
  • Affordable health insurance for construction workers and, in many instances, also other company employees.