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BILL 4 (Previously known as Bill 28) ...


This spring, Brian Pallister’s government introduced Bill 28, a law that would ban the use of Project Labour Agreements (PLA's) on publicly funded construction projects. Project Labour Agreements are the foundation of public construction projects in Manitoba, as well as private and public builds across North America. These agreements put quality first and create community benefits like local employment and training opportunities to grow a local skilled workforce.


Manitoba construction projects should benefit Manitobans. For years, Project Labour Agreements have mandated local employment, high-quality construction, safety and exceptional value for Manitoba communities. Banning Project Labour Agreements will result in less jobs for Manitobans, lower safety standards and fewer community benefits from Manitoba’s major construction projects.


Project Labour Agreements put these issues at the forefront;


Content Resource: Manitoba Building Trades

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Coronavirus Preparation and Response

 - Updated February 1, 2021

The Laborers' Health and Safety Fund of North America has developed several resources in response to several questions about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). CLICK HERE for the LifeLines magazine and the latest updates on the pandemic.